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  • 24g Protein

  • 100 Calories

  • 0g Carbs

  • 0g Sugars

  • 0g Fat

  • 68 Servings

  • Gluten Free


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Inner Amour Isolate Zero is an ultra-pure, highly bio-available whey protein isolate without all the added carbs, fats, and extra calories ideal for anyone who wants to build lean muscle while remaining extremely lean.

Isolates are the purest and most refined protein sources. They are scientifically filtered to remove unwanted fats, sugars, cholesterol and carbohydrates. You're left with a delicious zero-carb, low-calorie protein source.

Studies suggest the ingestion of fast-acting protein sources can increase amino acid levels in systemic circulation where they are available for muscle protein anabolism (growth).

The more rapidly these amino acids rise in the bloodstream, the greater the muscle building reaction. 100% ISOLATE ZERO is micro-filtered at low temperature providing undenatured protein with a full balance of bioactive whey protein fractions.Your complete Whey Protein Isolate.

Additional Information

Total Servings 68
Carbs Per Serve 0
Fat Per Serve 0
Protein Per Serve 24
Protein Source Whey Blend (Iso/Con)
Weight in KG 2
Weight in Lb 4.4

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