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Have you met the New Jack3d Micro by USPlabs? Researched and formulated by the makers of the original Jack3d that revolutionized the preworkout category…this newly revamped formula offers a completely different user experience to shatter max PR's, skyrocketing you past stubborn plateaus. In one word Jack3d Micro is "EPIC".


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Jack3d Micro, the all new pump & performance pre-workout leader in New Zealand. Get your Jack3d Micro Today.

Micro Engineered Pre-Workout Technology
Patented Compound


  • We are told that the only ingredient in common with Jack3d is caffeine.

  • This means that there is no DMAA, no creatine, and no beta alanine (no tingles!).

    While we absolutely love ALL of these ingredients, they’re not right for every situation and every person, and some people simply don’t like the effects of beta alanine.

  • Just like with Jack3d, there’s no artificial dyes or “BS” like that. Users love this, and it boggles my mind why no other companies follow suit, despite Jack3d’s huge success.

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